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Although old-fashioned, the focus of this template remains on passing across a clear message regarding your payment information to clients. This invoice sample uses a split design to divide contact information and payment information. This approach is free of any distractions or fancy elements, yet it still feels carefully designed.

You can’t change the color, but I found a template I was happy with. It wouldn’t let me set up a UK address, so I set up a hypothetical business, an option it allowed. The second time I pretended to have a business in Beverly Hills and managed to get in. It still took me about 20 minutes to get it together, having discarded my saved invoice a few times after trying to customize it.

Indicate which credits cards you accept, as well as how long clients have to pay their invoices. Create and customize your own invoices with this easy to use online invoice maker. Make your invoices reflect your brand with our ready-to-use gallery of customizable invoice templates. Designer Cameron McEfee gives another twist on the vintage invoice with his dainty offering. Almost reminiscint of a library card, this beautiful piece of design work uses elegant typefaces and columns to create an easy-to-understand design. The calendar in the bottom left corner, with the rows of numbers like an index, add to the literary feel of this invoice. Julie Fitzgerald is a texas designer with a bold eye for layout.

  • This invoice also leverages the footer of the statement to point customers towards the company’s social media channels as a way to offer a lasting connection.
  • Always include your contact details, in case clients have any questions or need to reach out regarding their invoices.
  • Here, I’ll review seven apps based on their ease of first time use, cost, customizability of the templates, usability and more.
  • Yes, but you can’t add a logo, and only 2 invoices, and two clients per month.
  • Made in England is a blog and graphic design/illustration business run by a long-haired hippie named Cookie.

This is one of the most exciting parts of the program, the exposure. You will have a chance to get live feedback from not only Jerred & Kiara but other consumers and entrepreneurs about your products or services. This feedback positions you to get your message in front of the right audiences, the right way, at the right time. We have learned and embraced from our mentors that problem solvers get paid.

Creative Invoice Designs For Course Designers #66

Make sure your invoice is clear and legible, with services and amounts distinctly marked for ease of reading. Create free professional invoices to help you manage your finances. Brother offers a wide selection of invoices styles and design templates you can customize for your business. A name like “Epic” is a lot for a brand to live up to, but this . One unique thing about Epic’s invoice is the way the price has been made the stand-out feature of the invoice. Well, if you want to get paid, this is the way to do it!

So include every detail, including total number of hours . Thomas Maxon displays how to design your invoice in a professional layout, but incorporating his brand color throughout. This style of invoice can make yours noticeable, while not overdoing it.

In the sample below, you’ll see that this graphic designer made sure to not leave anything out. Going down to the specific company name, person it’s addressed to, their position in the company, address, and even a small terms and conditions section. This may sound like a lot, but when done nicely, it maintains good readability and not overwhelming.

Creating Your Own Graphic Design Invoice

In fact, you can use customized templates to get started . After we create clarity around your ideas and messaging, we will give you step by step what to do to get your ideas from stuck in your mind to paid for your services. Other consYou can’t test this application without submitting your credit card details, even for the free trial.

creative invoices

I love the way the company logo is the central focus of the invoice, and the folk-art type and colour choices give the invoice a real handmade feel. This is a fun and personable invoice – another one you almost don’t mind paying. Dashang Tiwari is an Indian App developer and flash animator. His invoice is a very clever example of an invoice created to send a brand message. Nearly 1/3 of his invoice is taken up with a bold footer detailing the types of work he accepts and his contact details. This is a great way to drive home to clients the range of services he offers – in case they have other work that needs doing, or they can refer him on to another client. When you pay for a service, you expect an invoice.

Graphic Design: Invoice 2013

It’s always a nice touch to include some sort of thank you note at the bottom of your invoice to show your appreciation. This could be a digital spreadsheet that lists the dates of any invoices submitted, and when they’re due – or overdue! Alternatively, you might prefer printing your invoices, filing them physically and setting a calendar reminder to check in on payment. It’s also worth watching the size of your PDF – you don’t want to send a huge file that takes too long to open or which uses up a lot of space to file. Once sent, follow up to make sure that they have all they need. Ask the commissioner to confirm they’ve received it and that all the details are correct. You can also include a Paypal address, though this also requires a fee, or use other services like CHAPS.

creative invoices

So it’s important to understand your rights and how you are protected by the law. You are also able to claim up to £100 of debt recovery costs. Depending on the project at hand and what industry you’re working in, an invoice usually gets sent over email once a project is complete. The last thing you want is for your payment to not go through because of a typo, or for a stranger to get paid for your hard work! Be vigilant, especially if you’re copying and pasting numbers across on screen. You can find this number by logging into your online banking account.

Freelance Design

The invoice itself has a clean design with a basic design. It’s most suitable for freelancers and creative professionals. Here’s another elegant invoice template to serve as inspiration for your own.

Put your final price to the client “front and center” using this design by Ari Krzyzek. Contact this cash flow designer using the link in the header — her project comes with matching letters and business cards.

How To Write An Invoice

Epic’s design utelizes white space to create an elegant feel, but not so much that you lose vital information. We’ve featured Epic on the blog before, because their About Page is also quite spectactular. Epic are definitely a firm to watch in the next few years. Made in England is a blog and graphic design/illustration business run by a long-haired hippie named Cookie.

Only the colors have been stripped out for easier printing. To assign a specific template to a contact, go to Contacts module and choose the customer.

Dedicated to shipping-based services, the vibrant document is perfect for transactions that involved the transportation of goods. Or in digital formats like a PDF, Google Docs, Word, or Excel? Once you’re sure of the format, move on to create room for essential details on the invoice. Clear navigation and plenty of explanation for first-time users, with pull-down help bars in case you need them. You can also upload bank statements to track your invoices and expenses against your bank account. And you can customize the front page’s appearance.

Whether you use Illustrator or Indesign, make sure your client is aware of how you will charge them. Graphic design involves a lot of going back and fourth so proper communication is unearned revenue the key. Include all acceptable payment types, and provide any necessary instructions clients will need to make payment. The ability to input your own logo and business information.

Using HoneyBook, you can put all of that math on autopilot, by simply checking a few boxes and entering percentages. Working on smaller projects like product labels or packaging designs? We’ll use your email address to send one newsletter every week, and occasional promotions from us and our partners. Envato Elements gives you unlimited access to 2 million+ pro design resources, themes, templates, photos, graphics and more. Everything you’ll ever need in your design resource toolkit. Below the “total payment” is a breakdown of the services rendered, along with your contact information as well as your branding.

We handpicked them to suit different types of businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers who provide services. There are some great free invoice templates too. If you don’t have an invoice template yet or looking to upgrade your invoice with a new design, creative invoices now is the perfect time to grab one. You can also download ten other invoice templates that you can customize to meet your needs, whether you’re a freelancer or a large corporation. Take your clients back to the ’80s with this retro invoice design.

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