Severstal – Vityaz: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

In fact, “Vityaz” had to rest for a day less than Severstal, but due to the fact that in Finland again the devil knows what was going on, he rested for a day more. And the whole complex structure, in which the rested Severstal, on its own ice, and in front of its fans, had to bend the Vityaz tortured by hot Finnish guys into a ram’s horn, disappeared somewhere. And “Vityaz” comes to Cherepovets so cheerful, lively, but will it help him?

Let’s pay attention to such an interesting fact: in principle, Vityaz is running smoothly throughout the season, gaining an average point per match. But before that point was enough to sit tightly in the playoff zone of the Western Conference. And now there is not enough to return there, pushing out the crazy “Spartak”. And the “knights” cannot recruit more, because there are too many teams in the league, with which the Podol citizens are gaining. It would be necessary to type something in Cherepovets, but it will be very, very difficult to do it.

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Guests are favored by the statistics of personal meetings. Vityaz plays quite successfully with Severstal. Last season, the guys from Moscow region took three matches out of four, this year they won the first “get-together”. Everything seems to be good, but we see that Severstal is doing too well for the season. Four wins in the last five matches – a result that commands respect. The northerners are snapping at equal rivals like nuts – and “Vityaz” just falls into this category.

So, it was decided, the Cherepovites will win, and they will do it in regulation time and with a difference of two or three goals. True, there won’t be many goals, it’s good if the opponents for two will cost five. But they can meet in three, if suddenly the goalkeepers overshadow.

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Chivo government wallet has become # 1 app in El Salvador

Chivo government wallet has become # 1 app in El Salvador

Chivo wallet took the lead among apps in just a few hours. Users faced the first difficulties.

    Bitcoin Legalization Law Enters into Force in El Salvador on September 7. The government crypto wallet Chivo began its work with him. The first day for developers and users of the application turned out to be chaotic.

    A wallet designed to pay for goods and services became available in Apple and Google stores. But it soon became obvious that the marketplace would not be able to cope with the influx of Android owners. App downloads from Google Play were initially limited to Samsung Galaxy S20 and S21 devices.

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    The Apple AppStore was no-limits, and Chivo became the most popular iOS financial app in El Salvador in just 8 hours.

    But even having successfully downloaded the software, citizens faced problems. Some of them complained about errors when trying to pass verification. Others were able to upload credentials, but did not receive the $ 30 bitcoins promised by the president.

    As a result, the developers had to carry out technical work. Upon completion, the country’s president, Nayib Bukele, on Twitter, asked the citizens to inform him of any problems identified.

    Eintracht – Stuttgart: forecast and rate. The eagles have good chances

    Stadium: Deutsche Bank Park (Frankfurt am Main)


    Eintracht. Doubtful: Tuta (injury).
    Stuttgart. Gonzalez, Egloff, Tommy (all injury). Doubtful: Mola, Churlinov (both injury).

    Team form

    26 february Eintracht on his field unexpectedly lost to Bremen Werder (1: 2) in the match of the 23rd round. Nevertheless eagles remain the best German team in 2021 (scored 25 points in 10 January and February matches).

    Stuttgart Outplayed on February 20 away Cologne (1: 0), and a week later the Swabians defeated the houses Schalke (5: 1). The team is currently ranked 10th in the standings (32 points).

    Outcome betting

    Despite the offensive defeat in the previous round, Eintracht retained fourth place (42 points), qualifying for the 2021/22 UEFA Champions League. Unless Adi Hutter’s Crew Drops Down she will play in Europe’s premier club competition for the first time in the 21st century.

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    Thus, each new match for eagles akin to the ending. You can bet on the victory of the hosts in the upcoming match with a coefficient 1.97.

    Handicap betting

    Stuttgart one of the strongest away teams in the Bundesliga this season. Away, the Swabians have already scored 20 points, inferior in this indicator only Bavaria (25).

    To put on Stuttgart with zero handicap in Saturday’s match is possible with good odds 2.79.

    Total bets

    Eintracht haven’t lost at home in 2020/21 German championship. The same can only boast in the league Bavaria and Wolfsburg. Also eagles can rightfully be considered a riding team: they can make mistakes in defense, but the offensive power of the team
    usually able to compensate for this.

    Portugal striker André Silva has already scored 19 goals this season. In the Bundesliga scorers’ race, he is second only to Robert Lewandowski. Another leading player Eintracht Serbian winger Filip Kostić with 11 assists.

    Bet on what eagles will score Stuttgart more than 1.5 balls can be with the coefficient 1.63.

    Forecast and rate

    Eintracht quite deservedly considered the favorite of the match, even despite the amazing luck Stuttgart in guest meetings. I will choose a seemingly reliable bet on individual total of Hutter’s team.

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    Sports Betting Today, October 26, Sports Predictions, Schedule – Championship

    Sports Betting Today, October 26, Sports Predictions, Schedule – Championship

    This is the time of sports: in football, club championships are interspersed with matches of European cups, the tennis year is coming to an end, but other team sports are just starting the season. Here are some of the most interesting betting matches scheduled for October 26. This week in club football will be eventful: before the pause for the national team matches, you need to play in the middle of the week. Somewhere there are championships, somewhere national cups. Dynamo and CSKA will play the next Cup matches in Russia. The blue and white go to Orenburg, and the army team to Lipetsk. In Spain and Italy, the next rounds of championships. You can highlight the Serie A match Milan – Torino. In other countries, the next rounds of cups. In England, Arsenal will host Leeds in the League Cup, while Chelsea will play Southampton. In Germany, RB Leipzig is going to visit Babelsberg, while Borussia Dortmund will host Ingolstadt. In the KHL, 10 matches at once. We highlight the matches Avtomobilist – Ak Bars, Metallurg – Traktor and Dynamo – Lokomotiv. The NHL is also a busy day, there will be 7 meetings. Russian fans are primarily interested in the Tampa – Pittsburgh match. In addition, the next matches will be held in the VHL, championships in Germany, Finland, Czech Republic, Sweden and Switzerland. This week a major tennis tournament is taking place in St. Petersburg. Today Karen Khachanov will play with Frenchman Adrian Mannarino. Basketball Euroleague this week will hold 2 rounds at once, but today Russian teams are not playing. But we are waiting for an extremely interesting match “Fenerbahce” – “Barcelona”. Lokomotiv-Kuban will play away with Lithuanian Lietkabelis in the European Cup.

    Sports predictions are an attempt by professional journalists, analysts, statisticians, athletes and just ordinary people to predict the outcome of a match. For example, in the Celta – Barcelona meeting, the Catalans look like a clear favorite, so it is more likely that the second team will win (W2). Anyone can make forecasts, but only an expert is able to take into account many factors and minimize the risks of losing money from a bet. The Betteam team will help you become one of them. It is not as easy to take into account all the factors as it might seem at first glance, because even in this example, everything may not go according to plan. If, for example, Barça releases a second squad, and the opponents are more motivated to win, everything can change in the other direction, so some specialists could play it safe and put the TB2 rate in this case. This means that more than two goals in total will be scored in the match. Naturally, if you delve deeper into the composition and view of previous football matches, it is safe to say that there are scorers in both teams.

    But here it is important to take into account the professionalism of the defenders and the work of the goalkeeper, as well as find out in which stadium the football tournament will be held, because in bad weather the performance always declines. In general, to make predictions, only the presence of the Internet is enough. But in order to effectively predict and get real profit from this, you need to carry out colossal work, in which it is necessary to take into account a lot of factors before making a bet. Otherwise, the bettor will lose his money, and maybe even interest in football and other sports, which often happens with beginners. Our team of specialists at Betteam is dedicated to setting the right direction for those who want to connect their lives with betting. With us, everyone will learn to find and analyze information, monitor matches and draw conclusions that will help in the future when making a prediction. To do this, we have created our own Betting School, where everyone can take training for free and start betting with a high percentage of traffic. It is possible to increase the success of a bet only after a deep analysis of the teams and obtaining as much information as possible about the upcoming game.

    Register on the official website 1win and get a promo code for a deposit. But even painstakingly collected information cannot guarantee a win, it is important to professionally process and apply it. The ultimate goal of every bet is earning. With a serious approach and assistance at the initial stage from specialists, you will quickly learn to analyze. The analysis includes an integrated approach to a large amount of information by comparing which you can approach the match fully armed. But it is necessary to start, of course, from the basics – the basic designations of rates, which is what our first lesson under this link explains. Attention, looking ahead, it is worth noting that the most common mistake a beginner makes is trusting eminent clubs. Even the glorious Barcelona can lose, as, for example, in the match with Valencia. Experts recommend at the initial stages to choose the most famous teams for themselves in order to have an idea of ​​the composition and capabilities. This is the first step towards starting the analysis. Moreover, the choice should not be based on the principle “this is my favorite team, so I will choose it.”. This approach is wrong, because for a stable income, it is necessary to impartially evaluate all teams, devoting the same amount of time and effort to each.

    This is the first place to start your analysis when you choose a match. Moreover, it is important not only to follow the schedule of the championship, but also to look at the entire calendar and the ratio of the importance of each match. Naturally, the Cup of the country will fade into the background before the Champions League. If first there is a cup match, and after a day or two there is a meeting in the Champions League format, then the coach may well put up a second squad or let the substitutes play so that the main players do not get tired of the Champions League. It is also worth looking at past games, because the team, having a bad tournament, will give all the best every time to reverse the losing streak. The next step is to study the composition of both teams. Moreover, it is necessary to take into account not only the application for the match, but also the indicators of the players. You need to keep track of the upcoming confrontation and past games. It is advisable to regularly monitor the games in order to control the shape of the players, add players in level and class, or, conversely, give up positions. Even the age of the athlete and experience are important. Disqualifications and injuries. The team is greatly weakened in the absence of the main players, and without a leader it may even lose motivation.

    Turkey – Italy: prediction and rate of Alexander Aksenov

    Hello everyone!

    Finally, the moment begins when we are already talking about the European Championship, about the official matches. Let’s discuss what can happen in the game between Turkey and Italy.

    The Italians under Mancini are certainly impressive. We remember that in 2018 Italy missed the World Cup, and after that a new coach came to the team. Managed to issue a new historical record 28 unbeaten matches.

    The latest friendly games hint that everything should be fine in the next match. 7-0 victory over San Marino this is such an achievement, but the defeat of the Czech Republic with a score of 4: 0 this is already very serious. The Italians played well both offensively and defensively, showing that they are very well prepared for the continental championship.

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    Mancini in the match with the Czech Republic put out all the main players. It seems to me that the same lineup will be in the match with Turkey.

    It is very difficult to say what the Turks are capable of now, because the last friendly matches were with not the strongest opponents. Turkey did not show everything there and did not always win. Italy in this match this is a pronounced favorite, so she must win confidently.

    I will bet on the victory of Italy with a handicap (-1). It seems to me that the Italians should win by two goals. I estimate this forecast on a 10-point scale at 9.

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